Headlight Rejuvenation

Headlight Rejuvenation

Dirty, foggy, or yellow headlights pose a safety risk to you and other drivers, especially at night. Many people think that once their headlights become dim and difficult to see through, they must be replaced entirely. This can be quite costly and, in many cases, is not necessary. There is a solution – you can have your headlights professionally restored at Performance Collision St. Catharines. Our expert technicians will remove the oxidation from your vehicle’s headlights and will polish the headlights until they are clean and bright again. With your headlights working at full capacity, your vehicle will look better and keep you safe when you are driving at night.

The benefits of headlight restoration are many:

  • Remove scratches
  • Restore cloudy, dull lenses
  • Help maintain the overall value of your vehicle
  • Maintain functionality and performance
  • Increase visibility
  • Increase safety
  • Enhance the appearance of your vehicle by adding radiance
  • Save you money by not having to purchase a new headlight
  • Save you money by avoiding headlight installation costs
  • Enables you to keep the original headlights
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